The rescue operation of a beluga trapped in the Seine. She was dragged onto the barge

Taking out a cetacean is the first step in an “emergency” operation to attempt to bring the beluga back to the sea, AFP reported. A malnourished whale was first spotted in the Seine last week. Meanwhile, belugas usually swim in Arctic waters, but it is still unknown how the animal ended up in a French river.

Belucha, as an animal living in cold waters, after being pulled out by a crane, was to be placed in a truck in a refrigerator, which was to travel a 160-kilometer distance at night to the north-eastern French port city of Ouistreham.

A seawater basin at the lock at Ouistreham Harbor has been made available to accommodate the animal to stay there for three days, “while we arrange for it to be repatriated to the open sea and monitor its health,” the official said.

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