The residents of Moscow will be able to see the convergence of the moon with Mars on October 18th


A rare phenomenon can be observed after sunset before midnight.

In Moscow, the convergence of the moon with Mars will be visibleIn Moscow, the convergence of the moon with Mars will be visiblePhoto: REUTERS

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The Muscovites on Thursday evening can witness a unique phenomenon: the convergence of the moon with Mars. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Planetarium.

The bright red of Mars and the white-yellow of the Moon are visually very close, now both luminaries are in the constellation of Capricorn.

"The beautiful Moon in the first phase of the fourth will be located not far from the bright red of Mars, which decorates the sky from spring", says the planetarium site.

The neighborhood can be observed on the southern sky immediately after sunset from 17:30 to midnight. So both lights go beyond the horizon. Mars will shine so vividly that it will be perfectly visible to the naked eye. It will only be two degrees from the Earth's natural satellite.

Recall, as the website wrote, the residents of the capital could observe Mars in the sky from 18 to 20 September Saturnthat the rising moon was approaching. Astronomers have promised that the satellite of the Earth will converge with the planets in the sky a few days before the full moon, which took place on September 25th.

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