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May 19, 2019 16:38:18

Despite all the signs indicating a liberal victory on election night, the battle for Bass continues, with only a handful of votes separating the main party candidates.

Key points:

  • Bridget Archer led her rival with less than 500 votes on Sunday afternoon
  • Ms. Archer refused to claim victory again and Ross Hart did not suffer the defeat
  • Post low votes should be counted from Monday

The ABC electoral calculator has moved the seat into "doubtful" territory on Sunday afternoon, after having anticipated it as a liberal gain.

With almost 82% of votes counted, the liberal candidate and mayor of George Town Bridget Archer is the head of Labor MP Ross Hart with only 437 votes.

Ms. Archer has refused to claim victory again – instead of saying that she is optimistic about a victory.

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"I think we will wait and see what the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) says, certainly it is really positive and I am very excited and enthusiastic," said Ms Archer.

"I hope we will get over the line."

Ms. Archer said the Labor's funding commitments in southern Tasmania do not appear to have been well received in the north.

"I certainly know that the messages that were coming back to me were very strong, that the people of Bass did not believe that giving priority to $ 25 million for an AFL team in Hobart or $ 50 million in MONA in Hobart was demonstrating the priorities they consider important ", he said.

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Mr. Hart was also cautious not to allow defeat in front of the media on Sunday morning, but he said it was "highly unlikely" that he could win the job.

Mr. Hart said Bass's electorate was a "hard taskmaster".

"The bass is a brutal place, it swings wildly," he said.

"People have expectations about what a member of parliament can offer here.

"Last night I said that the hard-working, good and honest members of parliament were rejected by the electorate.

"I don't see it as a reflection on me or my character or the Labor campaign."

Mr Hart said he would be willing to run again in the future, but in the meantime he will look for more jobs.

The lawyer from Launceston still has a certificate of practice.

Electoral analyst Kevin Bonham said that, based on the national swing, he had expected Labor to continue to hold on to Bass.

"We have witnessed a revival of the north-south division," said Dr. Bonham.

"During the campaign, when Labor made their MONA funding announcement, a lot of people said that Tasmania has changed, people are not that parochial, people understand that funding for the south brings funding for the north ".

"Labor will have to explain what they are doing with that.

"Were they trying to get back to Clark's place?

"If they were, it was an embarrassing failure."

The AEC is expected to start counting postal votes for Bass on Monday.

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