The results of the USG elections were invalidated by at least nine ineligible voters: the ticker


The Office of Student Life confirmed on May 7 that there will be a second election for all representative senators, the Student Media Council and the positions of the Faculty / Students disciplinary committee due to the participation of voters not eligible for election of the student government of this year.

The survey for these positions will take place from 13 to 15 May.

Nine ineligible voters, consisting of graduate students and faculty members, participated in the elections, which took place from 16 to 18 April. Only university students are entitled to vote in USG elections.

Honest Ballot, the voting service pledged to calculate the elections, scanned the EMPLID of all voters and announced the first results. According to the associate director of Student Life Operations and the chairman of the student election review committee Savanna Ramsey, Honest Ballot has prepared the method to differentiate the IDs of students and faculty, but has not removed them from the initial results.

About 30 positions that were decided by a margin of eight votes will be voted again in the next elections, according to Aaron D & # 39; Souza, candidate for the representative senator in this year's elections.

Candidates are not allowed to campaign for re-election, but are allowed to promote themselves through social media and word of mouth.

"The elections must be completed by April 30," said Ramsey.

"If they are not, then we must petition CUNY Central to get an extension. And so I worked with the general counselors there, I told them the situation and then we had to ask for an extension. "Extension, it was literally just to have the re-election. And so it is that we must announce that there will be an election event, that an e-mail will be out soon … to all the university students who let them know that the dates of the elections are happening, "added Ramsey.

Ramsey said she was informed of some electoral problems when she received an e-mail on April 30 from an undisclosed person, who The Ticker confirmed was Rohit Matthew, a senator representative with Imagine Baruch. Ramsey refused to reveal who sent the e-mail, but an anonymous member of Imagine Baruch confirmed that it was Matthew and sent a copy to The Ticker.

The letter was signed by various members of Imagine Baruch and disclosed the problems they had with the electronic voting system.

"While I was voting, I was purchased [sic] on an error page after clicking the green button at the bottom of the electronic ballot, saying that my vote had already been cast despite it being my first vote," the letter read partly.

A representative of Honest Ballot confirmed that the student was "all set" but the student was still worried because he had not received a "success" message like other voters.

"We did exactly what we had to do," said Paula Waskover, an election leader with Honest Ballot. "Just over 100" paper ballots were distributed to the students and all the paper cards were counted, Waskover said, which could mean that the nine students who passed the exam were marked as eligible .

Ramsey said that no one has ever left the vote, but if their EMPLID is considered inadmissible, they get a paper vote to conduct their vote and that vote goes to another count that does not count towards the official results until is verified.

Waskover also said The Ticker that Honest Ballot was responsible for supplying the voting machines, but Baruch provided the "student register".

"In our swipe database [Baruch ID card] there were nine people," Ramsey said of the discovery of unsuitable voters. "He does not say that they voted, but we cannot prove that they did not vote, which is why the elections were disputed."


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