The return of Danilo Carrera to television

After leaving acting for a season to dedicate himself to professional soccer, Danilo Carrera is back on the screen to please his millions of followers.

Danilo Carrera has become one of the audience’s favorite actors. Simplicity, charisma and kindness are some characteristics that the Ecuadorian has and they have allowed him to shine both on and off the screen. In search of a better future for himself and his family, Carrera decided to take a plane and leave his native country to work in Miami, but fate had a plan for him.

“Suddenly my mother got sick and I made the decision to help out at home; At the airport a manager comes up to me and says, ‘You are very handsome, I would like to work with you’, I was 19, 20 years old and at first I got out of hand and rejected it, but then later he introduced me to two actors with whom he I was traveling and I realized that it was something real and I said, ‘it goes’. I felt that life wanted to tell me something. Shortly after, he sent me a casting, I did it and I stayed in what was my first novel, in weeks my life really changed ”, the actor tells us.

Since then, Danilo has starred in dozens of projects, ventured as a professional footballer for a season and after achieving that goal and knowing success, he keeps his feet on the ground. The star confesses that the support of his family is the most important thing for him.

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He is the oldest of five siblings and seeks to lead by example to make them proud. “In my case, sometimes I have taken the role of dad and I have learned to try not to give advice because you are neither more nor less. What I try to do is work towards my goals every day, sacrifice sleep or fun to achieve my goals and for them to see that I have become a great human being ”, she is sincere.

This month, your dedication pays you back with one of the most exciting opportunities you’ve had in your career. Danilo Carrera stars –together with his current partner, Michelle Renaud– the new Televisa melodrama, Wanting it all. In this telenovela, she faces various acting challenges, where she will show us late after afternoon that she is more than just a pretty face.

Photo: Einar González

“My character is a superhero, he is someone who works on a farm, loves horses and always tries to help others. I’m all hurt because I don’t like to use doubles, yesterday I almost had an accident with the horse … but the truth is that it is very interesting. On the other hand, he and Valeria, the protagonist, start a real love story because it is not the typical one in which they see each other and fall in love, on the contrary, they fight for their love. In all the dialogues things are said without speaking… it is something that is in trend in productions in Asia and Europe and it is great to generate this type of content on Televisa ”, explains the interpreter.

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Sharing this new adventure with Michelle is one of the greatest satisfactions for Danilo, who also confesses that they both have fun during the recordings. “It is a blessing to have the opportunity to work with your partner, I think that very few people enjoy the luck of doing it. Obviously they tell us that we are going to finish because it is very complicated, but I think that if you are a team, you understand what you should do and there is respect, it is terrific. We love to join in, communicate and we are very happy to be able to do another project together ”, he tells us with emotion.

Today, the Ecuadorian lives one of his best stages, at 29 years old, he makes the most of his time with Michelle Renaud and the son of his partner, Marcelo, whom, at just three years old, he describes as a great teacher of life. . On the other hand, professionally, he stands out as one of the actors of the moment.


Danilo is characterized by being an extremely altruistic person and seeks to give the best of himself. “There is always something new, what people need most is not money, it is our time. As public figures we have a responsibility to help and be a good example. For me, the future is children, there are foundations with children with HIV that I help. I like to spend my time when there is some kind of catastrophe and not just donate ”, the actor concludes.

By Mari Tere Lelo de Larrea @CARASmexico
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