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The return of Florence, an extra problem for the President


In days when the coronavirus pandemic floods Argentines with concern, there was a fact that went unnoticed, but that was bad news for the national government: Cristina Fernández’s trip to Cuba and the return with her daughter Florencia Kirchner.

In moments of high social sensitivity (the strong rejection generated by the trip to the south by television host Marcelo Tinelli is a palpable example of this reality), the return of Cristina’s daughter occurred in an inappropriate context for the national government.

As it happens every weekend, the different consultants show their numbers. The results surely drew a smile to the President of the Nation. Most of the polls coincided in a rise in the positive image of President Alberto Fernández.

Despite the total quarantine, it is a hard measure for society, according to surveys in recent days, Argentines recognize the President for his leadership, at this time of health crisis.

This situation is exactly the opposite of what happens in neighboring countries, such as Brazil and Chile. Also in Europe, where the citizens unload hard questions for the rulers in turn for not having taken measures in time.

Negative impact

The vice president’s trip to Cuba, four days before the quarantine decided by the national government began, had already generated a negative impact, at least on social media.

It was Cristina Fernández’s tenth trip to the Cuban capital in the last 12 months, but it was not one more: surely the return of Florencia, who was dealing with a health problem, was already scheduled, which was triggered when two advanced legal cases that have been charged: Hotesur and Los Sauces.

Although these investigations are still ongoing, the coming to power of the Frente de Todos produced relief for the vice president in the 10 cases she is accused of, five of them with requests for an oral trial.

On February 13, from the Cuban capital, Florencia Kirchner reopened her accounts on social networks. For many it was an indication that Cristina’s daughter was preparing to return to the country. Reality proved them right.


Before concern over Covid-19 erupted, the judicial front was a matter of tension between the President and the Vice President. The controversy over the former detained K officials publicly exposed the differences between Albertists and Cristinists.

While the leaders who answer to the vice president assure that there are political prisoners in the country, Alberto Fernández himself set limits to this claim. The President understands that there are “arbitrary” preventive pressures. The difference is not less.

In a context in which Alberto Fernández tries to feed his leadership, by repeatedly speaking out for the unity of the Argentines to confront the pandemic, the return of the daughter of the vice president once again deepens the gap between Christian and anti-Christian.

Without a doubt, an unwanted situation in the Casa Rosada.


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