‘The Return of Superman’ Sayuri’s second desire is also because of Zen

Broadcaster Sayuri revealed her daughter’s greed.

In the KBS entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman’, which aired on the 26th, Sayuri celebrated the 300th day of Baek Ji-young and Zen.

Baek Ji-young is also a custodian of her daughter Haim-i. Sayuri said that she was envious of a mother with a daughter and mentioned Baek Ji-young’s daughter Haim. Then Baek Ji-young said, “Then I’ll have a second one,” and Sayuri said, “Really, really, I really want a second,” as if waiting.

Sayuri said, “At first, I thought all I needed was Zen, but Zen doesn’t have a father. I feel lonely without my siblings, so when I think of Zen, I want to have one child.” Baek Ji-young also strongly sympathized with Sayuri’s words, saying, “When I think of my daughter, I also want to have a second child.”

On the other hand, Baek Ji-young slightly stimulated Sayuri’s daughter’s greed, saying that she was happy spending time with her daughter Haim to the extent that she did not feel the difficulties caused by childcare. Haim-yi, who is playful but has a deep heart, says that if mom and dad quarrel, he will unconditionally stand by the mother’s side and impress Baek Ji-young.

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