The return of the English Premier League .. chasing the moon or winning it without touching it

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It seems that the English Premier League this season will be very promising.

Every team sport in the world requires dramatic stories with hidden puzzles to function and achieve the desired result; The player, the staff, the management and sometimes the fans who roam the stadiums cheering and supporting the team.

However, when the lights fade from the scene, one man gets all the plaudits when the team wins, and the criticisms when the latter fails to produce a positive result, so too; The technical director is the man in charge.

Whether winning, losing or drawing, the coach is the one who knows the most, and most of the time it is not always about the skills of his players, but more with his tactical awareness and knowing who is the strongest in particular, urging his team to play, stay in shape, maintain balance or Keep pressing.

He always relives every mistake, save or goal in a grueling 90 minutes, maybe even more, who knows when to rave, scream or calm his team down, and knows that his job is to lead his boys every second of the game.

But once his team gets their feet on the pitch, he just has to wait. The white lines are his limits, his chains, and the technical area his cage, like a beast, hungry for a purpose but how tactful he becomes in tying his burning desires, his players have become like pawns, their roles they play come through his former tutelage, and they now represent the scenes rehearsed in his texts, and all A match is the coach’s battle in a difficult 38-round season.

And the fever of matches returns in the Premier League, and with it the weekly fights and intense punches in the competitions will return, and this time it will be a unique long season due to the World Cup being held in winter for the first time in history.

As former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere once said: “The Premier League is like a stove, it’s going to get even hotter now that the likes of Eric Ten Hag and Stephen Cooper, who are big names in Europe, join a roster that includes Steven Gerrard, Scott Parker, Jesse Marsh and Mikel. Arteta who test their breath under the salty English waters, along with coaches like Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte and Brendan Rodgers who have tasted and drank the Premier League mineral water before.

The Premier League title this season will go to one of those mentioned above, as tactics will play a big role during this journey. Will it be the complete possession of Pep and Manchester City, the quick transitional attack style of Klopp and Liverpool, the stifling balanced midfield for Conte and Tottenham, the elegant possession of Arteta and Arsenal, the counter-attacking style of Tuchel and Chelsea, the comprehensive attack of Ten Hag and United?

Everyone will try to accompany the moon to the end, some will get frustrated early, and some will think they will win it in the end, but only one person will realize that the moon can be won without having to touch it.

Until then, let’s enjoy the journey of their arrival which looks like it will be fun.

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