"The RIC is getting me up," says Edouard Philippe at a local meeting


It was Édouard Philippe's turn to face the great national debate. The prime minister took part in a Friday, January 25th public meeting organized in Sartrouville, in the Yvelines. A first for the head of the government that has played questions and answers in front of a hundred people.

Among the topics covered: taxation, ecological transition, education, number of parliamentarians or referendum for the citizens' initiative. And on this last, the Prime Minister expressed his personal opposition: "If I had to say it in a formula, I would say that RIC, it irritates me".

A big demand for the movement of "yellow jackets", the head of government believes that "if we do, we enter a mechanic that is terrible, or we spend time to question things" voted.

At RIC, Édouard Philippe says he prefers the referendum of shared initiative, already envisaged in the Constitution but never implemented: "I prefer this mechanism, because it is more respectful (…) than representative democracy".

On January 15, President Emmanuel Macron had already expressed a similar position on the RIC, believing that it should not "create a competitive and representative situation of forms of democracy".

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