The richest man in the world, Bezos, supported tax increases for companies in the USA

“We support the Biden administration’s efforts to push for bold investment in US infrastructure,” Bezos said in a statement. “We support an increase in corporate tax,” he wrote.

According to him, both Democrats and Republicans have long supported investment in infrastructure, so it is time to work together to achieve this goal.

“We recognize that this investment will require concessions from all parties, both in what will be included and in how it will be paid for,” he added.

Biden plans to create millions of new jobs with massive investments in the construction of roads, bridges, railways or high-speed internet networks. At the same time, it wants to steer the economy towards greater use of renewable energy sources in the fight against global climate change.

Bezos remains the richest in the world

Bezos again this year defended the first place in the ranking of the richest people on the planet by Forbes magazine, which was published on Tuesday. He also left behind the founder of Tesla, Elon Musek, with whom he struggled for this position.

Bezose Forbes’ assets are currently estimated at $ 177 billion (3.898 trillion crowns), up from 113 billion (2.49 trillion crowns) last year.

Bezos holds about 95 percent of Amazon’s stock. On the one hand, they cannot be easily converted into money, and their value can also collapse very quickly.

“That doesn’t mean Bezos is secretly needy. He is an extremely financially secure man. However, the available balance on his account will be in the millions rather than billions of dollars, “explained Matthew Ader in Exponents magazine.

Bezos has previously announced that it will leave the position of CEO of the company this year. He founded the company in 1994. It was originally an online bookstore.

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