The rigged elections will maintain the dictatorship and impunity in Bolivia

Elections in Bolivia (EFE)

Ten months after the resignation of Evo Morales, the dictatorship in Bolivia is intact and winning the elections, the date of which it imposed by force. The dictator left but the dictatorship that controls the country continues with the legal structure with which it supplanted the Republic, the strength of narco-criminal groups and the impunity guaranteed by the control of the legislative power, the courts, judges and prosecutors. The government that should have been a transitional government is an interim hostage and the elections on October 18 are rigged to maintain the dictatorship and impunity.

Tampering is “preparing or arranging something with deception or artifice”, it is “prepared or manipulated”. Deception is “making someone believe that something false is true” and this is what the electoral system designed and operated by the dictatorship of Evo Morales as part of the model of 21st century socialism or Castro-Chavism is all about. The fraud is in the system, it is the system.

With the supplantation of the Constitution of the Republic by the “plurinational state” in Bolivia, universal suffrage has been eliminated, the number of senators increased to 36, the equality of citizens has been liquidated, 7 “special indigenous native peasant districts” have been imposed with a corporatist system fascist, imposed the “community vote”. An electoral system has been institutionalized in which, with about 26% of the vote, 50% of the members of the Senate are obtained and with 30% of the vote, the majority of the entire Legislative Assembly “wins”. One can be President in the first round with “40% of valid votes, with a difference of at least 10% in relation to the second candidacy.”

The constitution, the laws, the territorial distribution, the allocation of seats and the entire system is designed so that in the coca and rural control areas occupied by the dictatorship they obtain representatives with one-tenth, one-hundredth, or one-thousandth of the votes that in the cities. They have manipulated the civil registry, personal identification and registration, which makes it impossible to clean up the electoral roll without completely redoing it based on the principles of equality and universal and secret suffrage.

This system created to “simulate democracy” is called “electoral dictatorship” because the citizen “votes but does not choose” and its application is widely documented in Venezuela, Nicaragua and in Correa’s Ecuador. Applying this system, Evo Morales was caught and documented committing red-handed crimes of electoral fraud, forgeries and others in the elections of October 20, for which he resigned and fled Bolivia.

Senator Jeanine Añez, who assumed the Presidency, had to install and lead a “transitional government” to “hold free and fair elections based on universal and secret suffrage.” Its mandate is to end the dictatorship, recognizing the validity of the Constitution of the Republic to restore respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law and the division and independence of powers, dismantle the narco-state and end the electoralist dictatorship.

In these 10 months the dictatorship has demonstrated its vigor by keeping its control of all the powers of the state intact, including the Executive. There is no serious prosecution process for massacres and proven crimes. The corruption cases have been transferred to the interim government. The multinational state, its falsified constitution and infamous laws remain in force. The instrument of the crimes committed by the fugitive dictator and his accomplices is the most important party. The candidate of the dictatorship is a former minister who should be brought to justice for multiple corruption cases. The judges continue to prevaricate in favor of the dictatorship. All this is known to the “opposition candidates” but they participate in rigged elections without complaint !?

If Interim President Jeanine Añez -who has just resigned from being a candidate- does not recognize the validity of the Republic with the 1967/94 Constitution, the elections of October 18 can give the dictatorship candidate as the winner in the first round and Evo Morales will be back immediately to repress and persecute.

If there is a second round and an “opponent” reaches the Presidency, he will be the “new hostage of the dictatorship”, he will not have a parliamentary majority or a way to achieve it without agreeing with the dictatorship, he will be subject to the judges and control of the constitutionality of the dictatorship , threatened by the prosecutors of the dictatorship and surrounded by the officials of the dictatorship in its own Executive Power. The rigged elections will have fulfilled the purpose of their design, which is to maintain the dictatorship and impunity.

* Lawyer and Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy

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