The right trick is to puree the lime leaves for the filling for the project, saving time and effort

photo: TikTok/@masakasyik1 – It’s common knowledge that lime leaves very useful for cooking. In addition to adding a delicious fragrant aroma, lime leaves can also make food taste more delicious and fresh. Who would have thought, lime leaves also have many health benefits, you know.

Reporting from, lime leaves can be a stress reliever, get rid of bad breath, prevent the growth of bacteria in digestion, make skin glow, and many more. Well, for cooking, lime leaves are often used in stir-fries, curries, soups, and chips.

In processed chips, usually lime leaves must be cut or finely chopped first, such as processed peyek. In general, chopping lime leaves takes a relatively long time. But, apparently there is a trick so that the lime leaves can be smoothed faster without draining your energy, you know. This trick was shared by a netizen named Norma via her personal TikTok account.

“Tips so that it’s not complicated to chop lime leaves,” he was quoted as saying BrilioFood from TikTok @masakasyik1, Friday (25/11).


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