The Riots in Legok Started with a Land Truck Hitting Residents’ Houses

TEMPO.CO, Tangerang – Head of the Tangerang Regency Transportation Agency Agus Suryana said: unrest at the LG fork in Jalan Raya Legok on Saturday night, September 25, there was a series of dirt trucks crashing into people’s houses. “As a result, the house and two motorcycles were damaged,” said Agus, Sunday, September 26, 2021.

The third axis dirt truck driven by Miskari crashed into the house of a resident belonging to Taufik Hidayat in Cirarab Village, Legok on Wednesday, September 22 at 01:25 a.m.

Taufik, who is not grateful that his house was hit, beats Miskari. “However, it can be reconciled with an agreement and the owner of the land truck to pay compensation of Rp. 20 million,” said Agus.

Miskari reported Taufik to the Legok Police with accusations of persecution. The Legok Police arrested Taufik for questioning. “Residents finally raided the Legok Police Station to question Taufik’s detention.”

At almost the same time, Operation Patuh Jaya was held on the Legok highway, triggering a long traffic jam from Legok to Parung, Bogor. During the long traffic jam, the dirt truck driver admitted that he was asked for extortion by Dishub officers. “But we can confirm that extortion is suspected to have been carried out in the Parung area, Bogor, not Dishub officers.” Tangerang Regency, “kata Agus.

Saturday, September 25 at 20:10, a group of people came, demonstrated and scribbled on the monitoring post. Department of Transportation The district is located at the LG intersection, Cirarab Village, Legok.

The masses changed the writing from the Monitoring Post to Pos Extortion. “There is an allegation that the vandalism was due to extortion in carrying out the operation,” said Agus.

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According to Agus, the operation of the Legok Police Sector did not go through a request for personnel assistance through a letter to the Department of Transportation

At around 7:30 p.m. dozens of people burned tires at the LG T-junction. Followed by throwing stones and destroying dirt trucks that passed by at the location. A total of three units of dirt trucks were reported damaged and by 22.00 the situation was under control. “The masses dispersed,” said Agus.

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