The risky interference of François Legault

What was my surprise this week to hear the premier of Quebec say for whom nationalist Quebecers should vote ! For François Legault, the only thing that matters is respect for skills. I agree that this is important, but there are many other elements that we must take into account before affixing our X.

From a Prime Minister who denounces federal interference in areas of provincial jurisdiction, it seems to me that it would have been preferable to set an example and not to interfere in the federal election campaign.

That François Legault unveils his grocery list so that the party leaders position themselves on the demands of the Government of Quebec, that’s fine, it’s even very good, but there, I believe that he has gone too far.

What if Canada did the same?

During the provincial election campaign next year, how would you react, Mr. Legault, if the future Prime Minister of Canada strongly suggested to federalist Quebecers who to vote for? If he said, rightly or wrongly, that it is dangerous to vote for you because you are looking for a quarrel with Ottawa for the ulterior purpose of achieving your dream of sovereignty?

Since you came to power, there is no denying it, you are enthroned in the voting intentions in Quebec and that is all to your credit. The numerous surveys that your party takes pleasure in commissioning and giving to the media clearly show that you are popular and appreciated by a majority of Quebecers.

However, in politics, there is nothing for granted and everything can change quickly, especially when Quebeckers have the impression that they are being looked down upon. Remember, Mr. Legault, the battle of Chauveau, that strong Caquist castle that you lost in 2015. After this electoral defeat, political analysts even doubted the future of your party, which represented the second opposition.

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From that point on, you worked very hard to portray the former prime minister as a lesson-giver, and against all odds, you managed to get yourself elected as the head of a majority government three years later.

Make our own choices

To be told who to vote for is an insult to our intelligence, no matter which party you want to help. Does this mean, Mr. Legault, that you do not trust the judgment of Quebecers, the very people who allowed you to govern?

Mr. Legault, the people who voted for you in the last election and who continued to support you are of various federal allegiances. By jumping into the campaign to support the Conservative Party of Canada with both feet, you have insulted many of your constituents. It’s not your choice of party that bothers me, it’s your invitation to vote for a party by denigrating or ignoring others.

To hell with what Quebeckers may think of commitments for seniors, for the environment, the position on firearms, compulsory vaccination, public finances. No, all that matters to you is the money given unconditionally, even though at the end of the day there might be less money for Quebec.

Mr. Legault, trust the voters of Quebec. We are adults and almost all vaccinated, able to decide for whom to vote according to our needs, our values ​​and our vision.

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