The road director calls for an emergency meeting

This weekend, four people died in traffic. So far in June, 14 have been killed compared to seven in the whole of June last year.

On Monday, the director of roads will take the initiative to gather a number of players in the field of traffic safety for an emergency meeting.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration writes in a press release.

– The large Norwegian traffic safety family must now come together in a joint effort. We must break this new trend, says Hovland.

So far this year, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s preliminary figures show that 60 have died on Norwegian roads. For the first half of last year, up to and including June, the corresponding figure was 31.

– This development must be stopped. Experience has shown that the summer months are high on the accident statistics. It is a period of heavy traffic, and the speed is generally also higher. This gives a greater risk of accidents, says the road director.

The Director of Roads is strong and aware that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has a great responsibility to ensure that the roads are safe and secure. But she wants help.

– We will do our part, but the road users’ behavior on the roads is most crucial. Minor adjustments had saved many lives. Speed, seat belts and intoxication are the recurring causes.

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