World The robot dog that controls social distancing in Singapore

The robot dog that controls social distancing in Singapore

This machine was named Spot and it is yellow and black colors and goes through the special paths for gymnasts and also through the grass area while being remotely controlled

“Let’s keep Singapore healthy. For your own safety and that of those around you, please stay at least a meter away. Thank you.”indicates a woman’s voice, in English, one of the four languages ​​commonly used in this Asian nation.


Spot is part of a two-week pilot program organized by various city-state government agencies within the plan to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, local outlet The Straits Times said.

The robot was designed with sensors to detect objects and avoid collisions, as well as cameras that help authorities estimate the number of people visiting areas of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, in the center of the island of Singapore.

Despite appearing autonomous, he is not, so Spot is always accompanied by a worker from the Department of Natural Parks in case of problems.

During the test time, the robot will transit along a route of about 3 kilometers and only at peak hours, but if it is successful, it could extend its hours and territory, and even be used in other green areas of the megalopolis.

Singapore, which was cited by the World Health Organization as an example of how to control the new virus that frightens the world, currently registers a progressive decrease in cases after the outbreak in April in the barracks of unskilled workers.



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