The rock frankly about the latest scandal with his father and enmity with Vin Diesel

The strained relationship with his father Rocky Johnson and the behind-the-scenes friction with Vin Diesel – these are two of the topics that Dwayne Johnson-Scala openly commented on in a new interview for Vanity Fair. And at one point he came to another constantly hot topic – his possible plans for the presidency in the United States ….

But before politics was cinema, and without a doubt the role of Luke Hobbes in the series “Fast and Furious” is the one that helped not only the films themselves, but also Johnson’s career. But differing views with Vin Diesel, the franchise’s longtime face and producer, mean that Scala agrees to star in “Fast and Furious 8” only if he and Diesel have no common scenes.

“I wanted to turn my back on the drama. I thought it was the right decision. For everyone,” Skala said today.

It turns out that’s not enough, because a week before the end of the filming, he posted an Instagram post – already deleted – praising his colleagues from the film, but for men he says that while some behave like true professionals, others do not. He calls the latter “candy asses” – an insult he used in his wrestling years and which he explains today: people who talk complete nonsense.

“Nothing special happened [в онзи ден], just the usual la * na. And it wasn’t my best day, “he said of his decision to share the post on social media.

Asked if he felt sorry for her, he laughed. He notes that the post caused a “storm” and should not have shared it, because such “nonsense” must be resolved away from the public eye. But the interesting thing, he said, was that each member of the team either called him in person to “thank him quietly” or sent him a note.

At the same time, Johnson did not give up what was then written about Diesel.

“No, I believed what I said. Certainly. I mean, I believed when I said it. But to say it publicly was not the right decision,” explains Skala.

He commented on rumors that there was a reconciliation meeting between him and Diesel, which took place shortly afterwards in his caravan.

“Well, there was a meeting. I wouldn’t call it a peaceful meeting. I’ll define it as a clarification meeting. We had a good conversation in my caravan, and from that conversation it became crystal clear that we were at opposite ends of the spectrum. And we agreed to do it. let’s leave it at that, “says the 49-year-old actor.

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The scale of the premiere of “Hobbes and Shaw” – a side movie from the series “Fast and Furious”, which both kept his character on screen, and allowed it to happen away from the character of Vin Diesel.

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According to him, he and Diesel are not only different as people, but also approach the film business in two very different ways. He does not say how he thinks his colleague views the industry, but points to his approach:

“It’s the philosophy that you go to work every day. You look at everyone as equal partners. And you look at the studio as an equal partner. To look at the team (…) as equal partners – with respect and humility, to respect the process and every other human being who spends as much time, as much hard work and sweat, if not more, and I think it’s always been important for me to be straight and look people in the eye. you will do something, do it “, the Rock points out.

Vin Diesel had his own explanations for their friction, one of which was that they were alpha males. The Rock now responds with “Sounds like something he would say yes.”

Diesel named Johnson the second “multicultural megastar”, saying he was proud that his colleague was following in his footsteps (Rock’s comment: “He talks like that”).

But it’s another statement that makes Johnson most excited. Diesel says he has “guarded Dwayne more than he will ever know … but he appreciates it. He knows there’s only one big brother in the movie world and that’s me.”

To these words, the Rock responds briefly and clearly: “I have only one big brother and this is my half-brother. And that’s it.”

The interviewer also reminded Skala of Diesel’s explanation to Men’s Health this summer – that as a producer he was trying to get the audience to look at Skala’s character as someone they didn’t know. Diesel explained that in order to achieve this, he sometimes gives a lot of “rough love” – ​​not quite like Fellini, but that he did “everything he needs” to get the performances he wants from the actors.

“Unlike him, I don’t come from the world of theater. As you know, I come from a different place and I was raised differently. I come from a completely different culture and environment. I get into every project, giving my best. And if I feel that there are things that need to be clarified and resolved and I take care of them, then I do it. It’s that simple. So when I read this, like everyone else, I laughed. I laughed out loud. We all laughed. And I am I’m sure Fellini is laughing somewhere, too, “Johnson said.

However, his misunderstandings with Diesel are not as important a part of Johnson’s life as his relationship with his late father, Rocky Johnson, also a wrestler.

On January 15, 2020, the Rock goes through a moment for which success cannot prepare you. His family assistant calls to let him know that his father has died.

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The actor tells the assistant that he will call him again, hangs up the phone and stays in his pickup for 10 minutes, wondering if he should tell his mother, his wife, his father’s new wife … Eventually he calls his own his wife and begs her not to tell his mother until he returns home.

While wondering whether to go home right away or continue with his work day. Then he hears in his head his father’s voice and the words that Rocky Johnson uttered at every very early death of a wrestler: “The show must go on.”

Then he gets out of the truck and goes to work – the Red Notice movie for Netflix is ​​being filmed and no one understands what happened all day. According to Duane, there was no need for anyone on the team to know. He did it alone.

“I wish I had another chance to say goodbye to my old man,” Skala said today. The reason is that before the death of Rocky Johnson, a father and son had a sharp scandal over the book of the older man.

Dwayne knows that his father is preparing the autobiographical Soulman: The Rocky Johnson Story and has even supported the idea, but months before publication, he begs his parent to “be open and honest” and pay attention to what he says on the pages. He received a copy of the book only after its publication, and what he read disappointed him. According to him, the stories in the book repeatedly glorify his father at the expense of the truth and often to the detriment of other people who are not alive today to give their version.

“So much from [книгата] it wasn’t true, “says the Rock.

His father, for example, claims that one of the most difficult moments in the family’s life – when Duane and his mother found out they had been evicted from their Hawaii apartment – did not happen. Rocky Johnson even writes that Dwayne himself admitted that he invented the story to make people feel good and that they can overcome the difficulties in their own lives.

An even bigger lie is the claim that the preface to the book was written by The Rock, as the cover itself claims. In this text, Johnson allegedly tells how his father’s career surpassed his, and Rocky Johnson was more successful than his son for a longer time. But Duane never wrote a single line of this introduction.

One sentence stuck in his throat: “Rocky Johnson is responsible for everything I’ve accomplished in wrestling, movies, TV series and all business opportunities.”

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So, at Christmas, the Rock calls his father to clarify the lies in the book. There is a serious scandal in which Rocky Johnson justifies himself with his writer in the shadows and the fact that he did not read (his own) book to verify what was written..

“It was the biggest scandal we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some pretty serious ones in the past,” Skala said, noting that he was just really hurt and disappointed.

This phone call turned out to be the last time the two ever talked. Shortly afterwards, Rocky Johnson died.

“We had some good times. We had some hard times. We had periods of scandal. My father always knew that there were parts of his life that were fucked up. And in the end, away from all the noise, we had some very harsh conversations about who he was. and who has always wanted to be, “Johnson said in an interview with VF.

He points out that he will always remember the good of this testosterone-led father-son relationship. Including the lesson that nothing in this life is a given and you have to work for it and earn respect.

A lesson that applies to both the entertainment industry and politics. And here comes the question: will we see the Rock as President of the United States?

Rumors of his possible candidacy became more frequent after a survey showed that 46 percent of Americans are enthusiastic about seeing him in the Oval Office. Johnson then replied on Instagram that the founders of the United States could hardly have foreseen a man with his background, size and habits (drinking tequila, riding a pickup truck and carrying a banana bag) to join their club, but that if “ever this it would have been an honor to serve the people.

Today, he says he finds the idea of ​​a presidency reassuring. He admits that he has talked to people in politics and done “a little research and analysis” to find out where it comes from and “what it might look like in the future.”

He points out that “all indicators are very positive – for 2024, for example, or for 2028.” He does not rule out the possibility of running, but emphasizes clearly:

“After all, I don’t know anything about politics. I don’t know anything about politics. I deeply care about our country. I care about every American (…). And – there is no delusion here – maybe I have some decent leadership qualities, but that doesn’t necessarily make me an excellent presidential candidate. That’s the position I’m in right now. “


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