The Rome office hires Gatti, who lost his job on charges of #metoo


ROME – Rome's theater is defending the hiring conductor Daniele Gatti, who was fired by an orchestra based in Amsterdam last summer on charges of sexual misconduct.

The spokesman of the Teatro dell 'Opera in Rome, Renato Bossa, said today that the theater has signed this week Gatti for a three-year contract as a music director because in a country with "rule of law, one is innocent until a process does not prove the opposite ".

However, Bossa called the charges "certainly very serious". Gatti denied the accusations that triggered his dismissal from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Gatti directed the first season of the theatrical opera in Rome, "Rigoletto", at the beginning of this week, the third consecutive year that directed the opening of the theater season. But the 57-year-old master missed Thursday's performance due to a cardiac arrhythmia.

Bossa said Gatti will conduct the orchestra on Sunday.

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