The roots of discord –


Death in inheritance

Friday 11 January, at 8:55 pm on Arte

In the middle of the tourist season, a vacationer is found plunged in his blood on the frozen lake of a quiet Bohemian village of Upper Austria. In this white area (1) deserted by public services, the former Inspector Sepp Ahorner, who retired early after a personal tragedy, decides to return to the service to help his former colleague, Commissioner Grete Öller and his young assistant, sent to Linz, the regional capital. The old boy, who lives with his octogenarian mother, knows everyone, but the tensions between the inhabitants are lively and the word is rare. At first sight, Death as an inheritance, made in 2015 by Nikolaus Leytner, is hardly distinguishable from Scandinavian scandals across the board. All the ingredients seem to come together for an evening without surprises: an isolated place in the heart of a wild nature, a small closed community, full of resentment and unsaid, a trio of uncoordinated investigators who will have to learn to work together … from this TV movie a rather nice old-fashioned charm. Between snowy landscapes and wooden houses, the scenario, picturesque at will, gives the bloody crime an incongruous side: how to suspect the murder of a peasant who collects teapots in white porcelain? Not to mention that the investigation takes place during the local carnival celebrations that see part of the city disguised as hairy monsters with horns to scare the demons of the winter.

In this eccentric atmosphere, a crazy vein, we gradually focus on the characters: policemen from the opposite temperament until the "couple" formed by the inspector on the sidelines and his old mother hen, passing through the cousins ​​of Ahorner, three sisters with problematic feelings, whose pain of life hides a painful past.

Cécile Jaurès


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