The Royal Court of Sweden denies the divorce proceedings of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

The tabloid press, then now a more generalist press in Sweden, is wondering about the future of the heir couple. According to a media, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are on the verge of divorce, pushed by King Carl XVI Gustaf who would prefer a separation before his daughter becomes Queen. The Royal Court of Sweden has officially responded to the divorce rumor.

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For the past few weeks, the heir couple of Sweden has been facing a particularly virulent press. One medium in particular Stop the presshas been posting article after article since the end of December 2021, about a possible divorce between Crown Princess Victoria, 44, and Prince Daniel, 48.

Through various articles, often supported by so-called testimonials from relatives, friends, bodyguards, palace employees, this media relays in turn the reaction of Victoria, then that of the King, who would truly mad at her son-in-law. Queen Silvia would be devastated and Princess Madeleine would even intervene from the United States where she lives with her family, to console her older sister.

The Royal Court of Sweden was forced to publicly deny rumors of a likely divorce from the heir apparent (Photo: Patrik Osterberg/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

In an article titled “Victoria in tears during couples therapy with Prince Daniel”the website Stop the press explains in detail how the crown princess takes matters into her own hands to try to save her couple, during sessions with the psychologist and then by forcing her husband to undergo couple therapy.

Articles on the subject are piling up, always talking about a « incident » trigger which would have occurred at the end of December, and the media also justifies its statements by the lack of public appearances of Victoria and Daniel together, not to mention the testimonies of relatives who denounce Daniel’s true behavior in private.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have indeed had a relatively light schedule since the beginning of 2022. Prince Daniel has only a few commitments planned in the official calendar of the Royal House for the next few weeks. However, the heir couple appeared together during the presentation of the Micael Bindefeld scholarships as part of the Remembrance Dayon January 27, and seemed close.

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The foreign press gets involved and the Royal Court denies the divorce of Victoria and Daniel

Several other media have begun to doubt the solidity of the couple, although none of the testimonials that serve as proof are verifiable. The Royal Court of Sweden has finally responded to the divorce rumor. “We can clearly deny the information that the heir couple are divorcing. There is no divorce”said Margaretha Thorgren, spokesperson for the Royal Court of Sweden.

The rumor of marital crisis within the heir couple of Sweden worries even abroad. Yesterday is the very serious Spanish daily The country who spoke of this possible divorce to deny it too. “The noise aroused even in the Swedish general press concerning this meticulous monitoring of the married life of the heiress is such that the Royal House itself had to give explanations”writes the Spanish newspaper.

The heir couple is not about to divorce. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar in a wood of their home at Haga Castle in May 2021 (Photo: Linda Broström Kungl. Hovstaterna)

In June 2010, Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling, her former sports coach, in a lavish royal wedding. The couple had waited eight years before getting married. It is said in particular that King Carl XVI Gustaf had some reluctance to marry his daughter and heiress to Daniel. Daniel and Victoria are the parents of two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, born in 2012 and 2016.

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