The Royal Military School is recruiting: what are the advantages of studying there?

This Sunday morning, the Royal Military School opened its doors to attract potential new students. The 152 candidates recruited, who embrace the dream of leading troops, will first have to go through 5 years of study. “Today, for the school and next year, 150 officers. But for the whole of defence, we are talking about 2,500 people who must be recruited, all categories combined“explains Admiral Yves Dupont, commander of the Royal Military School.

In addition to offering a more than interesting sporting aspect, the school’s level of study requires a sense of honor, respect, commitment, but also discipline. “Why not, it’s an option“explains this student who came to discover what the school offered. Note that these studies are remunerated up to 1500 euros, a significant parameter for some.

This morning, the school expected more than a thousand visitors and hopes to have attracted the curiosity of some of them.

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