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The royals ‘delete’ Meghan in the photos of the wishes to Harry – World

In British newspapers and beyond, the royal family’s umpteenth “rudeness” to the dukes of Sussex – and especially Meghan – that many see behind the publication of the photos on various social media makes noise choices at court to congratulate Harry, who turned 36 on Tuesday.

The date could not be and was not ignored by the top management of the Windsor house, despite the tear consumed in recent months by the second son of Charles and Diana and by the former African American actress who became his wife in 2018 with the abandonment of the status of senior members of the dynasty, and the related official duties, and their flight across the ocean in search of greater autonomy; but in the images posted to celebrate her via the internet, Meghan was blatantly ignored, the media noted.

The Queen’s message, released by the Buckingham Palace account, shows only Harry in the foreground smiling at his grandmother Elizabeth II, pictured in the background and from behind.

As well as the one published by Clarence House on behalf of the father of the birthday boy, the heir to the throne Charles, is limited to giving space to the face of the duke immortalized in two archive shots.

The most mischievous choice – even equated by the Times with certain photographic censorships made in the past by the Soviet regime against people who have fallen into disgrace – appears, however, that of the profile of Kensington Palace, the residence of Prince William, Harry’s older brother, and his wife Catherine Middleton, whose coldness of the couple towards Meghan Markle would have been among the causes of the breakup according to various reconstructions. The attached photo in fact evokes a cheerful athletic run for charity some time ago, with Harry lined up on the track next to Will and Kate themselves: group image, not individual, but with Meghan accurately absent.


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