The RRJ Capital fund plans to join the bidding war for Vodafone Spain

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The interest of international investors in acquiring the Spanish subsidiary of Vodafone continues to increase. Now, it is the Asian investment fund RRJ Capital who plans to join the bid to acquire the operator with an offer that would be around 5,000 million eurosaccording to advance Bloomberg.

The fund is led by former Goldman Sachs Richard Ong and is in full search of partners to support it in taking over what is currently the third operator by revenue in the telecommunications market in Spain.

According to information from the American media, the group would already have secured financing, but had not yet decided to begin negotiations with the British group.

The possible sale of the Spanish subsidiary of Vodafone or one of its assets has been flying over the market for more than a year, without there having yet been any concrete approaches. The closest thing has been the declaration of interest from the British fund Zegona, which would aspire to acquire 50% of the subsidiary and thus share shares with the company. Likewise, there has also been speculation about the possible arrival of an industrial actor such as the French Iliad or other funds such as Apollo or Apaxas he advanced Expansion.

Be that as it may, it is to be hoped that, first of all, both the potential selling and buying parties Wait for the verdict on the merger of Orange and MásMóvil by Brussels before making any decision.

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