the ruin of our famous who have lost everything

The Campos family, on the brink of bankruptcy

> Maria Teresa Campos was the queen of the afternoons of Telecinco. The presenter salary of Day to day it was similar to that of many footballers. During that time, he earned six million euros a year. A sufficient amount for their family to build a standard of living that they have not been able to maintain over time. The eccentricities of the clan have emptied their accounts as fast as they were filled. Terelu thought her job as presenter of Save me Deluxe it would take forever, so he bought a penthouse valued at over a million euros. However, the loss of his job and his pace of expenses, have made him have to mortgage it up to four times. Finally, he has had to sell the house and move to a more austere one. He also dispensed with the driver and domestic service.

The matriarch of the family lives in a similar situation. Maria Teresa She is desperate to sell her luxury home in Las Rozas. The mansion generates expenses that he can no longer afford. Which has led him to sell many of his valuable furniture and to disable part of the space. Its ruin is due to a large debt contracted with the Treasury. The journalist has to pay 700.00 euros and her lack of work causes her many problems to deal with it. For her part, the youngest daughter of the clan, Carmen BorregoNor is it going through its best economic moment. Despite being used to leading a more austere life, she has also had to cut back on her expenses. The reason is the lack of work. Before rising to fame, she was the director of programs, But, after coming to the fore in the media, no production company finds a project that fits with it.

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