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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russian propaganda works with double strength. Unfortunately, it has also reached schools. An English teacher from Moscow told about the huge changes that took place in her former school in 12 months.

The teacher told her story to the Russian-language website Vot Tak

. Anna (her name changed for security reasons) has been working in various schools in Russia since 2018.

Until Vladimir Putin starts the war in 2022

in schools the program was implemented as planned.

However, everything changed twelve months ago

. It was then that the alleged patriotism, soaked in Russian propaganda, was introduced to schools.

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It was headed by Margarita Simonian, who is considered a friend

Vladimir Putin and is called the Russian Tsarina of the media.

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On March 11, 2022, class teachers gathered in the auditorium, where Margarita Simonjan and Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke to us via video links (…) They talked about how strong our country is, how well we are doing (as a nation) – and that these are the qualities we should pass on to children, going back to the experience of political lessons from the Soviet era, emphasizes the teacher.

The propaganda grew stronger month by month

. In Brack, the best students in the city sit at the so-called “hero’s desk” with portraits of fallen soldiers. Propaganda will report that this is to be a form of reward for them.

Over the summer, we learned that schools would raise the state flag on the first day of the school week. Thank God we only had to sing the anthem on September 1st. Will it increase our patriotism? I don’t think so, says Anna.

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The management began to control teachers in every possible way

. They had to submit reports and accurately report not only the topics of the classes, but also all the children’s answers. There are cameras in all classrooms that also record sound.

Propaganda reached schools in Russia. Shocking changes

However, the biggest changes in Russian schools have taken place since January 2023. After the holidays, teachers had another meeting during which they were instructed to hide maps showing the borders of Russia.

Teachers also had to remove photos from trips to Western countries

from personal profiles on social networks.

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After leaving school, Anna found out that every class in her school had been asked to write letters to soldiers who were in a war zone. According to the teachers’ chat, the initiative came from the students’ parents – emphasizes


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