The Russian customs did not lose "inflames" from Ilona Mask - Right to -

Buyers can return the money and give a cap.

Russian Lizzka videogame He saidthat Ilona Musk bought a flamethrower from the Boring Company and could not get it – after almost a year the company sent a letter saying that the Russian customs did not forget the package. According to her, in a conversation with, the company offered to return the money or send the goods to another address in the United States.

a year ago, when I was in Thailand, I drank a flamethrower




@faddei_frodo offered to send to any address in the United States, or a refand with a comforting gift, a cap like

The boring company Ilona Mask presented the gas burners as flamethrowers in early 2018, the entire lot was purchased in four days. Summer moss announcedThis will change the name of the product to "no flame thrower" to avoid delivery problems.

Casey Neystat's video blogger who could get a non-flamethrower because he lives in the United States

Photo: the first buyers have received flamethrowers from The Boring Company Ilona Mask – Oftop on

With their help, users cook food, try to light a cigarette and set fire to various things.

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