The Russian elite is no longer satisfied with Putin: what actions are being considered?’s sources in Moscow believe that Russia’s ruling regime is not as resistant to tests as it is made out to be, and that the country’s functionaries and oligarchs are increasingly dissatisfied with the policy of President Vladimir Putin.

According to them, Russian power structures, business, and industry are no longer interested in the continuation of the war, the situation at the front is even worse than it is publicly announced, and the next two months may be decisive in this matter. And quite recently, the Russian political structures, responsible for military propaganda, published a report saying that Russians do not dream of war at all, but of peace and democracy.

“Delfi” interviewed several sources in Moscow with many connections in business, law enforcement, and political circles. The interviews were conducted anonymously, as communication with foreign media could result in criminal prosecution for interviewees from Russia. According to the interviewees, the regime is far from being as strong and stable as Russian propaganda is trying to convince us.

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