The Russian Foreign Ministry appreciated the threat of the "Azov" leader to put 10,000 soldiers into the Donbass


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the threats of Azov volunteer regiment leader Andrei Biletsky to introduce 10,000 fighters to the Donbass show which is the "real culprit" in failing to respect the Minsk agreements.

"Now the whole world has heard the confession of the real authors about who and how it has blocked the implementation of the Minsk agreements for all this time," the Foreign Ministry said on Twitter.

Previously, Biletsky recorded a video message to the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, in which he stated that the president was "surrendering a vast territory", trying to carry out the withdrawal of troops in the Donbass.

He also threatened Zelensky to introduce 10,000 fighters into the Donbass.

On October 26, it was reported that Zelensky had a high conversation with nationalist representatives during a business trip in the forced reproduction area near the village of Zolotoe in the Donbass.

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