The Russian hacker wanted Tesla’s data hostage, but an employee of the carmaker outsmarted him

Data and know-how are extremely valuable for companies, they are often the main wealth I have at my disposal, especially in today’s digital age. Tesla’s value also lies in the number of machines and factories, but since many consider it to be a technology company rather than a carmaker, data is no less important to it.

However, in mid-July this year, hackers tried to access this information. A Russian-speaking Tesla employee goes through the application WhatsApp Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, a Russian citizen, asked him for a meeting. In the end, it took place with several other colleagues, the whole group even went on a trip to Lake Tahoe. However, the foreigner refused all the joint photos, he did not even want to be photographed himself.

An offer that is not rejected. Or does he refuse?

After the group returned, Kriuchkov wanted to discuss a “deal with a Tesla employee.” access to data until Tesla pays the firing fees. The offer subsequently increased to $ 1 million (CZK 22 million), but in the meantime an employee contacted the company, which subsequently involved the FBI in the case.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation subsequently tried to get as much information as possible from Kriuchkov, revealing that it was probably an organized group that received $ 4.5 million (roughly CZK 100 million) from CWT Travel in this way.

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The Russian, meanwhile, had tentatively paid $ 11,000 (CZK 242,000), promising to pay the rest later. Subsequently, however, he informed the employee that the action was postponed and tried to escape from the country. However, he was caught by the FBI at the Los Angeles airport. Kriuchkov is now awaiting trial in the United States.

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