The Russian oligarch will not touch on profits from contracts, the Czech construction company assures

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Austrian construction giant Strabag has been on the radar of several Western countries since the outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine. The group is partly owned by prominent Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who could cause Strabag to lose public contracts in some countries.

This is no different in the Czech Republic, where roads, motorways, the metro in Prague or a new football stadium in Hradec Králové are being built.

List The report found that the situation is now being addressed by Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS). Last week, he met with the director of the Czech division of Strabag, from whom he wanted to know how the group would cope with its co-owner and close Putin’s big businessman Deripaska.

The oligarch is based on the US and UK sanctions list. Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was included in the draft European sanctions list. But his name was not in the approved version.

Although Deripaska called for a peaceful solution at the beginning of the conflict, he did not condemn the Russian aggression and the responsibility of Putin’s Kremlin in this way. Deripaska also demanded Strabag’s leadership, but Putin’s close oligarch has not yet done so.

According to the Minister of Transport Kupka, Strabag is now trying to shut down Deripaska so that it does not reach the payroll, and does not have the space to operate in the company’s management.

How to shut down Deripaska

It must be added that Strabag could have acted much earlier. Deripaska joined Strabag in 2007. When Russian troops occupied Crimea and other Ukrainian territories seven years later, Strabag did not remove Deripaska from the shareholder structure. Not even in 2018, when the United States placed the oligarch on the list of sanctioned persons.

Only now, during the open war aggression of the Putin regime, has things been going on in Strabag, Austria. The main shareholders, the foundation of the Haselsteiner family, terminated the so-called syndicate agreement with Deripaska’s Cypriot company Rasperia Trading Limited, which owns 27.8 percent in Strabag.

“The foundation took this step after all efforts to acquire a Russian stake failed. The syndicate agreement has been in force since 2007 and, in addition to appointing members of the Supervisory Board, also ensured the coordination of voting results at the General Meeting, “she said. Vienna headquarters Strabag, whose leadership has criticized Russia’s aggression in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Minister of Transport Martin Kupka believes that the steps described above should protect Strabag from being removed from public procurement. “The attitude and active steps of Strabag are clear. In the circumstances, restrictions and exclusions from public procurement would not be appropriate. I consider the steps and guarantees provided by Strabag to be a clear expression of the will to resolve the current situation. The group unequivocally condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine and is trying to help Ukraine with the consequences of the war, “Kupka added.

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Strabag also came under pressure at Prague City Hall. List The reports warned that Strabag is involved in the construction of a new metro line D. This is a contract worth 14 billion crowns. The mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), appealed to the government of Petr Fiala (ODS) to start resolving the situation of Strabag and oligarch Deripaska.

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