The Russian watchdog affirms that the BBC spreads "terrorist ideologies" –


Russia's media watchdog accuses the BBC of spreading "terrorist ideologies" in the last fight in an impartial fight Roskomnadzor, the state media observatory, said he will investigate on the BBC Last month the British monitor Ofcom said that RT could face penalties for impartiality. tit-for-tat exchange in which the names of BBC journalists were disclosed

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5:02 am EST, 11 January 2019

8:36 am EST, 11 January 2019

The Russian news agency accused BBC Thursday of spreading the "terrorist groups" ideologies through online publications of its Russian service, the latest in a thunderbolt on media impartiality. Roskomnadzor, the state of communications and media, said he would investigate whether the BBC broke the law. This was the last wave of a wave of rhetoric against the BBC, after the British broadcaster Ofcom said last year that the Moscow-funded RT channel had broken standards. transmission.

The names of 44 BBC journalists working in Russia have been leaked to a Russian social media site this week "Currently we have discovered materials that broadcast the ideologies of international terrorist groups (al-Baghdadi terrorist quotations) on the Russian language website of BBC, Roskomnadzor said in a statement.Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the Islamic State jihadist group, also known as ISIS.Russian law does not forbid to mention individuals considered "terrorists", however any mention of such outlaw groups must come with the disclaimer that the group was banned in Russia.The watchdog said it would probe if material broadcast by the BBC "corresponds to Russian anti-extremism legislation." The BBC said in a statement sent to the AFP that "is fully compliant with the legislation and regulations of each country in which it operates. The Russian declaration did not mention any specific article or date. Rosknnadzor also claimed to have requested documents from the BBC's Russian services to see if a new law was being broken that restricts the foreign ownership of Russian media.

It comes a month after Ofcom announced that Russia RT's state network could be subject to sanctions for reporting the espionage attack in Salisbury. The BBC Russian service is limited to the Internet, but in recent years it has expanded and has many important reporters on the team being often politically sensitive subjects. Bridget & # 39; s Ofcom said in December that he had found violations of the rules of impartiality in seven RT shows transmitted after the attack of the nervous agent of Salisbury against the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The ruling led Russia to announce it. It would launch a survey on the BBC for breaking the standards of fairness under the Russian media law for reporting the same incident. In an intensification of the feud, the Sunday Times published a list of names and photographs of eight journalists working for the United Kingdom Sputnik office, based in Moscow, Edinburgh. After last month's Sunday Times leak, a list of 44 BBC journalists working in Russia was then published anonymously. Moscow said that any proceeding against the BBC was a "specular measure" for Britain's "constant propaganda against RT", a state-owned channel.

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