The Russians flee from mobilization to an exotic island. 20,000 people come there every month.

15 mark 2023, 12:39 | PAP


Russians are fleeing their country for fear of mobilization and going to the front. This does not please the inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Bali, which some Russians like. The first deportations have already taken place.

According to Al-Jazeera TV, in 2022, about 60,000 people arrived in Bali. Russians, and from September. This number began to grow dynamically in September, when Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization. More or less from that moment, about 20,000 people arrive on the Indonesian island every month. citizens of Russia. They find employment there as hairdressers, babysitters, taxi drivers, surf instructors and even sex workers.

First deportations of Russians

Local authorities are trying to curb the phenomenon of illegal immigrant work, so in early March they created a task force of police officers and government officials to this end. Already in the first week of the group’s activity, six Russian “tourists” were arrested. As determined by Al-Jazeera, so far three sex workers, two motorcycle riding instructors and a tennis coach were deported.

As it was emphasized, citizens of Ukraine also come to the island of Bali, which has over 4 million inhabitants, but they constitute only about 10 percent. all immigrants from Eastern Europe. Most of the complaints reported by Balinese are against Russians.

The governor wants tighter regulations

The problem of illegal employment and taking jobs from local residents has become so serious that the governor of the island, Wayan Koster, appealed to the government in Jakarta to tighten visa regulations for citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

Some residents, however, do not intend to wait for the authorities and take matters into their own hands. In February, the Moscow Chapter Bali account was created on the Instagram social network, run by an anonymous Indonesian. The profile, which was quickly suspended due to a violation of privacy rules, published information about Russians and other foreigners offering their services online.

The first phase of mobilization for the war against Ukraine was announced by Vladimir Putin on September 21, 2022. In the months that followed, hundreds of thousands of people, especially men, left Russia. Asian countries, including the post-Soviet states of Central Asia, have become particularly popular destinations for emigration, as well as e.g. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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