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The Russians called the most popular digital public services

A survey conducted by BCG experts showed that Russia is among the top 10 countries whose residents are more actively using electronic services provided in electronic format

Photo: Roman Pimenov / Interpress / TASS

The average Russian uses electronically 9.1 the services provided by state agencies, while almost half of the inhabitants of the country (47%) use these services at least once a week. This is indicated in the report of the BCG company, received from RBC. According to its experts, 11% of Russian citizens use digital state services at least once a day and almost half (47%) use it at least once a week. According to this indicator, Russia is in ninth place in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia, to the United Arab Emirates, to India, to Indonesia, to Argentina, to Morocco, to Malaysia and to China.

In the last two years, the number of digital public service users in Russia has increased by 42%, which is almost three times higher than the global average growth rate (+ 15%). Faster than in Russia, the number of users of electronic public services grew only in Australia (+ 54%) and Sweden (+ 52%).

The BCG report provides a list of the digital public services most requested by the Russians. As it turned out, the Russians very often visit the websites of various departments and the public services portal in order to:

  • pay taxes and penalties – 84.2%;
  • find out the official statistics and data in real time – 84%;
  • register for the placement service and use its services – 73.8%;
  • register for an appointment with a doctor – 68.9%;
  • complain about the quality of repair work – 44.9%;
  • fill out a tax return – 43.8%;
  • register a child at school or daycare – 43.6%;
  • register a car or update your data – 43.6%;
  • get or replace a passport – 40.2%;
  • claim the right to a subsidy or subsidy and get it – 38.3%

Rarely, Russians use digital status services like:



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