The sad condition of the 7 SOEs that want to be dissolved Erick Thohir


As much 7 SOEs Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, will be dissolved. The company that will be disbanded has not been operating for a long time.

Erick Thohir said that if he was not disbanded, he felt he would be an unjust leader because he did not provide certainty to his employees.

“Now there are seven that need to be closed, which have not been operating for a long time. It’s a pity that the fate of the employees is hanging and we are wrong if we become leaders, we don’t give certainty,” said Erick in his office, Central Jakarta, Thursday (23/9). /2021).

The condition of the 7 SOEs that will be dissolved by Erick Thohir is recorded in the records Here’s the list:

1. PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (Persero)

The airline PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (Persero) is already on the verge of death or can be called suspended animation. However, in the news on May 4, 2021, Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Kartika Wirjoatmodjo said that his party had not yet decided whether to dissolve it or not.

He said the dissolution of Merpati still had to be studied. The reason is, there are still management obligations that have not been resolved.

“Merpati still needs review, because there are still loan facilities that must be restructured, and there are still creditors,” said Kartika or who is familiarly called Tiko at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta.

He said that if Merpati was disbanded, the process would take a long time. Moreover, Merpati currently still has a subsidiary engaged in the maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) business, namely PT Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF).

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“One of them is being studied, but they still have operations and one in East Java, he has MRO, maintenance,” he said.

Accordingly, 1,233 employees including pilots and cabin crew have not received normative rights in the form of severance pay of Rp 318 billion and pensions. Ex-pilots gathered in the Ex Merpati Pilots Association (PPEM) have also sent a letter to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). In a copy of the letter received detik.comThey asked Jokowi to pay attention to the rights of the former employees of the state-owned airline.

PPEM Chairman Capt. Anthony Ajawaila said that the letter was not the first time, precisely on June 17, 2021, they also sent a letter to Jokowi. He said various efforts have been made since 2016 but so far have not shown the expected results.

“A little flashback, starting with the news that the Ministry of BUMN in May 2021 planned to close several companies, one of which was Merpati Airlines. On February 1, it stopped operating and caused a delay in the normative rights of 1,233 employees,” Anthony said at a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (23rd). /6/2021).

Actually, Pigeons have hope to rise from the grave. Because, there are investors who intend to inject capital so that Merpati lives again. The investor is PT Intra Asia Corpora. Intra Asia intends to inject capital of Rp 6.4 trillion.

However, there is no bright spot for this plan to attract investors until now. At the end of 2019, MNA President Director Asep Eka Nugraha said the capital injection had not come in because there had been no decision to release shares or privatize.

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“Yes, this is not a conclusion. It’s not privatization first, then investors come in. But until investors enter, there must be privatization because yesterday’s proposal was privatization. Now, we’re still waiting,” he said at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, November 4, 2019.

2. PT Industri Glass (Persero) or Iglas

The latest news is that PT Perusahaan Pengelola Asset (Persero) or (PPA) bought assets from an ailing BUMN, namely PT Industri Gelas (Persero) or (Iglas). The purchase of these assets is in the context of the restructuring process to settle the rights of ex-employees in the form of severance pay to 429 people.

Fulfilling the rights of former employees of the company dubbed ‘sick SOEs’ is part of the restructuring steps carried out by PT PPA on PT Iglas. The takeover of the assets was carried out after obtaining approval from the Ministry of SOEs as the shareholder.

The severance pay of former employees was symbolically handed over by the Director of PT Iglas Bambang Damyasik to representatives of the PT Iglas Labor Union witnessed by the President Director of PT PPA Yadi Jaya Ruchandi and the Director of Investment 1 and Restructuring of PT PPA Rizwan Rizal Abidin on Friday (10/9) at Gresik, East Java.

“In carrying out the restructuring, PT PPA pays great attention to various aspects, namely legal aspects, social aspects, business aspects, and financial aspects by prioritizing the principles of good corporate governance and moral values. Manage, PT PPA restructured PT Iglas, one of which is the settlement of all obligations to 429 former employees of PT Iglas,” said PT PPA President Director Yadi Jaya Ruchandi in a written statement, Friday (10/9/2021).

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