Technology The sale of long-term e-stamps is also supported by...

The sale of long-term e-stamps is also supported by the codec and Alza. It’s about marketing, don’t wait Transport

Prague From the beginning of this year, no one will have to know whether the long stamp is correctly pasted down in the corner of the windshield on the passenger seat. It will not be glued at all, you can just buy it, the paid police will check the car’s signs according to the license plates. Prices will not change, the coupon will be 1500 crowns. According to him, compared to the bottom, there will be a town where you can see the brand.

A significant change attracted traders who would like to become sellers of a new type of debt stamps. And they complemented the new e-shop and stone distributors of Czech sweat and the epro pump, who took a woman’s wife.

To offer people long-term stamps do not want to know unknown names, but the e-shops of both Alza aMall, the OMV filling station, the SOB bank and the car manufacturer koda Auto. All the changes (a number of others) last week supported the so-called thorn consultation, where the conditions of ammonia to participate in the project.

Some companies contact us on their own, despite the fact that sales are unlikely to be a day off. We want it so that for them the sale of marketing brands may be of interest to Martin Opatrn from the company Cendis, which covers the project of electronic coupons.

In other words: from the purchase of long-term stamps, the order, from which the company will not have a crown, will direct me to share in the e-shop an additional refrigerator, television or other goods.

The big deal is, for example, in the change of Alza, the largest Czech online store. For five years, you can mark the length of the mark on your website with the addition of darkness. Even within the new system, there will be a coupon, msn or ten-day coupon. The thorn in consultation with the last Wednesday was to take place on the 14th, as shown by the representatives of another large online store Mall.

Pesto of the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK), which participated in the public consultation on the project, vera stated that the sale of electronic debt stamps in online stores is currently making sense, first because it will be lost on e-shops.

It will not be a classic sale, as is the case with goods and services. It is a collection fee, ie elov uren dan. Therefore, there will be no civil or consumer protection law. VAT does not apply to the fee either, the TC agency quoted the executive director of APEK, Jan Vetyk.

Nkup pmo from the car

The sound of the Auto code is also interesting. In their cars with a clever on-board system, it would be possible to see the mark in a matter of minutes. For a better idea: a message will appear on the screen stating that the driver in the city needs a long mark. He can then buy it through the payment gateway installed in the system. Of course, we also gave me a car manufacturer, said Martin Opatrn from the Cendis company, which is well known for the sale.

New long-term stamps are starting to be sold just like their paper predecessors before the new year’s arrest. Replace the old stamp with a new one on January 31 at the latest. As mentioned, the main sales channel on the Internet may be the e-shop I will also see stamps in brick-and-mortar shops and about two hundred Eurooil pumps, which belong to epro. This state consortium succeeded in the competition for the main seller On August 20, its representatives signed the contract.

Stt on a new partnership uet. The sale of e-stamps costs a lot cheaper than with current paper coupons. The current mare of the seller is 4.6 percent, the new offered 2.3. The total cost of distribution will depend on motorists for the new system. Last year, they bought stamps of 5.5 billion dollars.

Three recipients entered the public competition for physical distribution. In addition to this consortium, the companies CzechToll and SkyToll, which co-operate on the truck company, also joined the tender together. According to the consortium Autoklub Bohemia Assistance and MTX and the independent company GECO.

ekn na informan systm

SFDI announced the contract at once, with an estimated price of around 477 million crowns. It followed on from the later canceled order for the information system of debt stamps, which is why this competition was also canceled.

The development of the information system with the e-shop is now in charge of the state-owned company Cendis, starting at 128 million. The preparation of the project was accompanied by major problems in the past months. The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure awarded the original contract for its development to Asseco Central Europe for 401 million. This provoked a wave of criticism, the case was subsequently followed by the city and the Minister of Transport Vladimír Kremlek (for YES). Stt originally canceled the order and the development of the IT system strengthened Cendis. With the canceled order for the information system, the tender for the physical distribution of stamps, which was originally supposed to cost 477 million, also ended.


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