The saleswoman claimed that she had been attacked. He and his girlfriend bought a motorcycle for the stolen money

The investigation into the assault on a gas station in Prague has a surprising conclusion. Forensic scientists found out that the pump operator herself was involved in the assault. She arranged the whole event with her girlfriend. Among other things, the women bought a motorcycle for the stolen money.

The gas station in Mladoboleslavská Street in Prague 9 was raided on Saturday, September 4, shortly after 9 pm. The suspect was supposed to be a man who demanded cash from the saleswoman under the threat of a knife. Subsequently, he had to take tens of thousands of crowns from the coffers.

Criminal investigators provided camera recordings of the assault and a masked man. “The suspect was younger in appearance, about 175 cm tall and athletic. He was dressed in a dark jacket with a yellow hooded sweatshirt. His face was painted black and a scarf over his mouth. He wore higher buckle shoes and spoke Czech without an accent. “said police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová at the time.

Images from the assault:

But in the end, everything was different. “After a few days, after evaluating camera recordings from the crime scene, especially from the perpetrator’s escape route, after a detailed investigation into the abducted woman and also the persons she was in contact with, police found out that the whole abduction was fake,” said a police spokesman. Richard Hrdina.

According to the police, the woman who worked at the station had several executions, a large family and large expenses. According to forensic scientists, these were the reasons why she should have agreed with her 27-year-old girlfriend that they were fake assaults. The money was then to be divided equally.

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“Criminal investigators detained both women in the morning hours of September 21. During interrogations, they both confessed to carrying out a sham robbery and stated how they used the money obtained and where the alleged perpetrator got rid of the knife and clothes by burning it,” Hero said.

The police seized a motorcycle from one of the accused women, which they managed to buy for the stolen money. Criminal investigators have accused both women of committing the crime of embezzlement, for which they face up to five years in prison.

Confiscated motorcycle:

Source: PČR


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