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The Samsung $ 2700 W2019 mobile phone debuts with Snapdragon 845, dual cameras and dual displays


Yes, you read that right: Samsung has just released a cell phone with high-end specifications. Those of you who know the brand will know this phone, the W2019, as the latest addition to Samsung's flagship mobile phone line. Like its predecessors, the W2019 will be available in China (and perhaps in a handful of other countries), and will cost you $ 2,700 USD.

The W2019 weighs a good 257 grams. It has two 4.2 "AMOLED 1080p displays, a Snapdragon 845, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB or 256 GB of memory with microSD expansion, two 12 MP rear cameras with variable aperture (the same configuration of the Note9) and a 3.070 mAh battery, a sideways-mounted fingerprint sensor, 960fps super slow motion recording and dual-SIM support, Android 8.1 Oreo is on board, but unfortunately a 3.5mm headphone jack is not.

For your CNY 18,999 selling price (~ $ 2,732 USD), you also have some concierge features. These include phone disinfection, an exclusive hotline and free software fixes (whatever that means). Samsung also mentions free screen and battery replacement twice a year. The price is almost double what the stores were speculating, which is impressive. How many times a phone with an anticipated price of $ 1400 ends with $ 2,700 + MSRP?

The W2019 will only be available through China Unicom and sales will open on November 11th. It is available in rose gold and platinum, because any other color would be too peasant.


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