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The Samsung restore is a blu-ray disc players with a bootloop but it has hardwaretekort – Image-and-sound – News

Samsung is on a forum that the blu-ray players that have a bootloop too, which is free of charge, repair. However, it is a problem, according to the company, that the stock required for this motherboard are limited.

A software update is going to be the issues are not successful, the company must have a blu-ray disc players with problems to fix, set BruceH, community manager, at the Samsung forum). Repair is the replacement of the motherboard is necessary, but it’s commmunitymanager when the supply of these is limited and on a “You can do a request for repairs to submit to, but as soon as the motherboard is on, then you’re just not.” Samsung investigates whether or not a replacement of any other item of comfort it can provide.

Led has a request outstanding with the introduction of some customers with the affected players will need to do in order to repair it in order to be eligible, and what needs to be done when the motherboard is out of power. Samsung UK is responding on the forum so that it is an Authorized Service Center must determine that it is the same problem, and it’s only people with bootloopprobleem to be eligible for a free repair. According to the helpdesk, it would be a very small number of players have been affected. A Dutch user has complained that Samsung’s repair service, but the fact that he is 97 euro, shipping costs, had to pay for it.

Last week it was revealed that a large number of blu-ray disc players from Samsung, bootloopproblemen to us, probably after a faulty software update from Samsung. The company has resolved with the update, but it is not known how many of the devices that it was too late. Samsung has officially, as yet, little published about the difficulties. According to the users of the model are:

  • The BD-E5900
  • The BD-J5100
  • The BD-J5500
  • The BD-J5700
  • The BD-J5900
  • THE BD-JM51
  • THE BD-JM57C
  • The HT-J4200
  • The HT-J4500
  • The HT-J4530
  • The HT-J4550
  • THE HT-J5500W
  • THE HT-J5550W
  • THE HT-J5520WK
  • The HT-J5530


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