The San Fermín procession ends without incident, with more police and drones after the altercations of last year

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Riot units of the National Police, a helicopter, a double security cordon with local agents and drones in the sky have been in charge this Friday of security in the last meters of the San Fermin procession (Pamplona)where unlike previous years there have been no incidents.

Late on schedule and the streets crowded with people despite the fact that the thermometers exceeded 30 degrees, the Corporation has paraded down Calle Curia towards the Cathedral amid whistles, boos and applause, a sign of the disparity of opinions in the city who have wanted to make live some cheers to San Fermín.

Preceding the parade, the Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos has walked the street in advance to the applause of the public as they pass. Minutes later they have arrived at Curia street, problematic point other years, the Municipal Corporation accompanied by dancerpipers and whistling, parish crosses, the Cathedral Chapter and the Municipal Police in full dress. It has been at the crosses when the first whistles of protest from a part of the congregated have been loudly heard, which have intensified at the passage of the Cabildo.

Already with the Corporation, the decibels of the booing have risen along with shouts of “UPN kampora”, which have intensified as the mayoress passed, Cristina Ibarrolaprotected by three municipal police officers dressed as pamplonicas and surrounded by a cordon of uniformed officers, while a second row of local agents tried to get the public located on both sides of the street to step back to increase the safety distance from the councilor.

In the same way, the parade has passed through the entire Curia street to the Cathedral. It was when the Corporation returned to the Town Hall that a more relaxed atmosphere was seen, which at some point caused the police cordon to open slightly and the graphics were able to photograph the mayoress.

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