On Monday, before the pupils rejoined the benches, the last pedagogical meetings took place in most schools. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, instead of schedules and division of lessons, the main focus was on how to protect the health of children and teachers. It is cantors that often belong to risk groups with age.

“It’s not as dangerous for children as for us, because we are still in one classroom, in another classroom, the leadership is still together and if God forbid nothing happens, we are the ones who don’t occupy the classes here,” said the principal of one of the schools. .

In some schools, where there are no cabinets, teachers gather in one classroom, so the risk of infection is even higher for them. In addition, teachers will take turns in the classroom during the teaching of different subjects.

“I have a veil ready. In some classes there are children who are allergic, for example, or there are children from families who need a little care, but I taught with veils and it is very unpleasant,” one of the teachers described.

However, wearing veils is otherwise voluntary in schools for employees and children. In Prague, which was given an orange color at a traffic light by the Ministry of Health last week, directors decide on the use of veils.

“We have agreed that we will have the curtains in the corridors for a start. We are doing this primarily to prevent any major consequences in the event that Covid appears,” said Michal Černý, president of the Association of Primary Schools.

“We have agreed that during the first lesson, the assistant school manager will go through the school and we will measure temperatures as needed. In the kindergarten, which also belongs to us, the temperatures of children entering the kindergarten will be measured,” said the principal of the elementary school. Na Smetance Hana Vítová.

According to the manual of the Ministry of Education, pupils from individual classes will not be allowed to meet in school canteens. Teachers will also have to limit contact with each other.

“We will try to meet in individual groups of employees, teachers, assistants, educators, teachers, extra, otherwise of course it is not possible to completely separate it in some way,” said Jan Horkel, director of the elementary school Pod Žvahovem.

“We will definitely not have meetings in a large team, we will have them in smaller teams, or we will have a meeting online,” Černý added. It is said that hygienists will continuously monitor the situation in schools. They allegedly do not plan any major changes in hygiene measures.


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