The Scottish woman remained "frantic, screaming and screaming" after finding a black panther near the Brechin elementary school


A MOM remained "frantic" after suspecting she had spotted a black panther near a Brechin elementary school.

The woman and her daughter said they saw the big cat in the Wood Yard area, near the Andover elementary school.

    Locals reported seeing a black panther in Brechin (image)


Locals reported seeing a black panther in Brechin (image)Credit: Getty – Collaborator

Mom was the first to see it, and was "screaming and screaming" after thinking that she had spotted the panther from her kitchen window.

And the younger woman posted on Facebook: "My mother just made me panic, screamed frantically and screaming in the kitchen, making pancakes and looking out her window, saw the black panther in the woods. Courtyard .

Teenager who joked with Scots creating metal FAKE PANTHER after the Ayrshire sightings made "for a laugh"

"I myself saw it. Please, anyone who is out walking with your dog in the Woods (Park Guthrie Park / Strachans area), be careful not to cross your path."

The police were called and checked the area, but said they had found "nothing unpleasant".

    The reported sighting was near the Andover elementary school


The reported sighting was near the Andover elementary school

A spokesman said, "C & # 39; was a call received about an alleged sighting of a big cat in Brechin, around 10:15 pm yesterday.

"The agents were sent to an address, but nothing unpleasant was discovered."

A spokeswoman for the Scottish SPCA said they had not received any reports of a panther in the area.

Last year Ayrshire residents were warned to be on the alert after reporting sightings of a black panther in the area.

The police appealed to the public to be on the lookout for the animal, which had been sighted in the areas of Drongan and Coalhall.

After that, a joker caused further panic after creating a metal panther and sticking it in a nearby field.

Robbie Brown, 18, made the big cat with a laser cutter before posting shots of his social media replica.

The welder received hundreds of shares with the locals believing it to be the real deal – one user even called the police to report the sighting.

However, a picture of an animal spotted in a field in the region has emerged.

Massive cat the "size of an Alsatian" captured on video wandering around the Cornish field, sparks of speculation on the panther

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