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Ilde Forgione

Empoli, 7 April 2021 – To dare, to embark on new challenges, to make possible what apparently is not. This is what Ilde Forgione, 36, who, together with a team of professionals, has managed to do in one year Uffizi Galleries one of the most followed museums in the world on Tik Tok. The lawyer from Empoli, who works in the valorisation and economic strategies department, was included by the prestigious magazine “The Art Newspaper” among the best social media managers in the world in museum accounts during the pandemic. The official Uffizi channel on Tik Tok was born a year ago and has over half a million likes.

Who came up with the intuition to have the Uffizi land on the platform most loved by young people?
“The director Eike Schmidt is always open to news and discussion. He asked me what I thought of opening a channel on Tik Tok. I immediately gave a favorable opinion and availability. At the end of April a year ago the account was born, behind which is a team of eight professionals: art historians, philosophers, graphic designers “.

What was the biggest difficulty in narrating the works on Tik Tok?
“The challenge was not easy. Tik Tok is a social network that revolves around the human face, expressiveness and movement of the body. The works, on the other hand, are static and to make them dynamic and communicative we started using a light-hearted, fun language. L ‘Irony is the main ingredient. The feedbacks are positive. We found it in terms of ticketing in the moments when we were able to reopen with a significant increase in visitors under 25. The same very young users tagged us in their Tik Tok videos. us is a satisfaction: we have reached the goal “.

The next challenges?
“Bringing people back to the museum in the presence and in safety. With Tik Tok they wanted to arouse the curiosity of the youngest, create a personal interest in visiting a museum, show that art is not boring. We will continue to do so by trying to make people known the less famous works, alternating funny videos with didactic and live in-depth pills “.

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