The scriptwriters ratify the new agreement that ends the strike

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The guild of Hollywood screenwriters ratified this Monday the new collective agreement with the studios of cinema and television thus putting an end to the strike that had paralyzed the industry since May.

He 99% of workers union members, some 8,500 employees, voted in favor of the new agreement, the writers’ union (WGA) announced in a statement.

“Thanks to solidarity and determination, we have ratified an agreement with benefits and protections significant for the scriptwriters,” celebrated the union organization.

The screenwriters ratified the new agreement that was agreed in September by the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP, in English), which includes the major Hollywood studiosafter months of negotiations.

This principle of agreement had made it possible to temporarily lift the strike that started on May 2although it was pending ratification by the workers to prevent the strike from resuming.

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