The second wave of Covid-19 in India has overloaded the healthcare system

In India, 273,810 new cases of Covid-19 and 1,619 deaths were registered on Monday, a new one-day record.

Since the start of the pandemic in India, a total of 15 million people have been infected with the new coronavirus, of whom 178,769 have died, according to data released by the Indian Ministry of Health.

More than 200,000 new cases of Covid-19 have been detected in India for the fifth day in a row, the fastest growth since the pandemic began.

Delhi and several of the most severely affected states, including Maharashtra, have reported a lack of medical oxygen and hospital beds. There is also a lack of medicines used to treat Covid-19 patients.

The federal government has announced an increase in oxygen supply to 12 states, and Indian Railways is planning special “oxygen voyages” to help fight the pandemic.

News channels say that in some places crematoria and cemeteries are not able to cope with the heavy load.

A six-day quarantine regime will come into force in Delhi from Monday afternoon to prevent an even bigger crisis in the capital.

Maharashtra and other more severely affected states have introduced curfews and other restrictions.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a government meeting on Monday to discuss health issues, including small stocks of Covid-19 vaccines and medicines.

India has the second highest number of infections in the world after the United States. At the end of last year, the spread of the virus in India was declining, but since mid-February, the virus has started to spread faster again.

This is partly due to the careless attitude of the population towards security measures, including the wearing of masks. The situation has also been exacerbated by the spread of virus strains.

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