The secret of boxing legend revealed. Tyson had to enjoy himself before the match

Life like on a swing, triumphs, moments of fame, but also scandals and failures. Mike Tyson simply enjoyed a career with everything. He is now thirty-five years old since becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. His close friend, bodyguard and chauffeur Rudy Gonzales recalls the wild times he had with a boxing legend.

Tyson was incredibly powerful, and while other boxers tried not to waste it before matches and refrained from any activities, including sexual ones, that could exhaust them, Tyson had the opposite. Just before the matches, he had to have sex with his fans in order to get a little out of place and not completely destroy his opponent.

“If I don’t fight, I’ll kill the guy right away,” Tyson said. Gonzales helped him find his partners, who he hid in various locker rooms or toilets. he will survive today, “says Gonzales.

According to him, sex was a way in which Tyson had to release some of the accumulated energy, otherwise the matches could really end tragically. In his rich career, Tyson has won 50 matches, of which 44 have ended in KO. He left the ring six times as a loser, four times his opponent knocked him out and Tyson was twice disqualified.


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