The secret of Croque McDo revealed

Decidedly Tiktok is a gold mine on the kitchen side (we dare not say “gastronomy” anyway) …

An account showed how to reproduce a McDo Croque and the little video has already made 8 million views!

What makes a McDonald’s sandwich from a homemade sandwich? First of all, its shape, that of fast food is round while ours are square… But it is above all the particular taste and the way it is “put together” that change!

We explain: in this croque, there is bread, cheese and ham. But Croque McDo uses a burger bun. And half of this bun doesn’t finish the bite, it’s the slice of cheese that ends the sandwich: it toasts and it crisps even more.

Explanation: we place a slice of cheese on the golden part of the toasted bun, then a slice of ham, another of cheese and we close with the bun again with the crumb side visible. We pass it all in a toaster in baking paper. It’s ready !

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How about eating an American-style burger this weekend?

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