The secret weapon of this Call of Duty game is the power of Unreal Engine 5: This is what its gameplay looks like with photorealistic graphics – PC

Trench Tales is still in development, but its creators already anticipate a release on Steam.

The industry is taking giant steps in terms of graphic advances in video games. Unreal Engine 5 is partly to blame, since the Epic Games graphics engine has convinced developers from all over the world for everything it offers when it comes to detail a digital experience. Not happy with this good reception, the parents of Fortnite have already announced a Unreal Engine 5.2 whose technical test has totally blown us awayalthough it remains to be seen how games based on the base version of the tool emerge.

Over the past few months, many developers have made the leap to Unreal Engine 5 with the intention of introducing us to titles that aim to surprise us through the visual improvements offered by Epic’s graphics engine. In this section we can cite big names that will sound like more than one player, but it is also worth leaving space for more modest experiences which, created from the benefits of UE5, promise great advances in a genre.

This time we talk about Trench Tales, a war game that has already managed to form a group of fans both for its third-person shooting mechanics and for the detail of its settings. The video located above, shared by the YouTube channel GameV, shows about 6 minutes of gameplay in which there is no shortage of tense encounters with enemies. However, and as you can see in the tweet inserted just below these lines, the team is still working on the project adding aspects such as puddles of water that react to bullets and explosions. The creators have not yet determined a specific release date, but their Twitter account indicates that they will soon give more information through a tab on Steam.

Further graphic advances with Unreal Engine 5

If you have noticed that specialized websites have been devoting their latest content to Unreal Engine 5, it is because the graphics engine has been the star of a conference in which there has been no shortage of spectacular presentations. After all, Epic Games has taken advantage of this moment to show new trailers for games based on UE5 that are yet to come, although there are developers who prefer to surprise us through hyper-realistic proposals that have the participation of “a digital human”.

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