The secrets and secrets of the night of Yasmine Sabry’s divorce and her exit from Abu Hashima Palace.. They asked her why, and she answered without shame!!

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The issue of the divorce of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, from her husband, the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, is still at the forefront of social networking sites.

Ibrahim Abu Zekry, head of the Arab Producers Union, blew a surprise, noting that the famous star, Yasmine Sabry, gave up her financial rights in order to divorce.

Ibrahim Abu Zekry wrote a post on his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, yesterday, Sunday, in which he said that “Yasmine Sabry has given up all her rights and the divorce has taken place,” adding, “They have stopped Harry Baqi,” in reference to stopping the circulation of false news about the cost of her divorce.

This came after news circulated that the cost of the couple’s divorce amounted to nearly 300 million Egyptian pounds (about $17 million).

A legal official claimed, via a Facebook post, that “Abu Hashima’s separation from Sabry cost 296 million pounds, divided into 15 million pounds, the value of the back end, and a villa in the Fifth Settlement, east of Cairo, with 77 million pounds, 2 cars for 12 million, and jewelry for 138 million.” EGP, and an apartment on the fourth floor in Sheikh Zayed worth 54 million with its contents.

She got married without a dowry or a dowry delay on her part. Yasmine Sabry broke her silence, denying this completely and in detail, confirming that she married Abu Hashima on April 17, 2020, without a dowry or dowry.

She said in statements to the newspaper “Sada Al-Balad”, that her ex-husband was already a very generous husband with her during the marriage, and he surprised her with gifts, but what was said about her obtaining 15 million pounds, a lens factory or a clothing factory, and her ownership of 24 cars, is completely incorrect.

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She also confirmed that the marriage period was smooth, and that she had all respect for him, noting that the separation took place quietly and after agreement on it.

And the Egyptian star, Yasmine Sabry, said in her first comment after separating from businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima that everything is a division and a share.

And the “Sada Al-Balad” website quoted Yasmine Sabry, in a special statement, as saying that the separation had already taken place, explaining that she had all respect for her ex-husband.

Yasmine Sabry said: “Everything is divided and shared, thank God, the separation took place quietly.”

It is noteworthy that on May 5, news of the separation of the Egyptian star and businessman topped the talk of social media platforms, after sources close to the two parties confirmed her health.

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