The seer of Trevignano returns, ‘the Madonna is with me’

“I intend to continue to stay here and I won’t back down even a millimeter because I’m in the house of God. We are few but we are the brave. My faith makes me feel good. Because I have Our Lady on my side. These days I you have portrayed as a monster, that I am satan himself, that I am a runaway and that I am a blasphemer and a heretic.
You told me everything”. He says it the so-called seer of Trevignano Romano, Gisella Cardia, addressing the journalists who are in Trevignano on the occasion of the gathering of the faithful. “They want to expropriate the land from us because we pray. They tell me I do business but it’s not true”, said the seer before starting the prayer.

There are about a hundred followers of the Madonna of Trevignano who have already gathered on the hill in via Campo delle rose, the place where the woman claims the alleged apparitions of the Madonna take place. In the camp, the case with the statue that would cry blood and the wooden cross is still set up. “You have already decided that this place is not sacred. But we are not accountable to you. Our Lady has been speaking for years”, he says a follower by Gisella Cardia, arguing with the citizen’s committee of legality. “I approached it a few years ago. “My creed was extinguished but being close to Gisella it rekindled and I understand everything. We are for the truth,” says a volunteer from the Cardia association. “You have to believe. In silence”, reiterates a gentleman with his young children beside him and his wife with whom he followed the celebration. “I have found an inner strength and Peace. It is a journey, faith. I was anticlerical, an atheist, but there have been apparitions here. And I don’t understand all this fuss,” says another girl.

But away from the area where the seer Cardia is expected, the mood is hardly mystical. Indeed, citizens want people to talk about their country again for its beauties and attractions, not for the alleged apparitions. “We certainly don’t need this to have tourism,” says one lady. While another inhabitant repeats: “They are exalted. You can’t talk to them”, she points out.

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