The seven best Fortnite speeches in Spanish


discord it is much more than an application to communicate during our games, it has become a meeting point for enthusiasts for virtually any topic: sports, a specific style of music, cinema and, of course, video games. And its integration into desktop systems makes us foresee an even more promising future for their communities.

What started as a social gaming platform for mobile devices has evolved, to the point that it now has more than 250 million users and even offers its own subscription service to obtain classic, indie and essential titles. Something that has not eclipsed its strong point: to be the communication tool in the favorite team among the players. Including those Fortnite enthusiasts.

It is indisputable that one of the keys is the one Fortnite: Battle Royale being a hit able to stand up to dances like Apex Legends is the variety of activities offered besides being the last one standing. We have the missions of Battle Pass, creative mode, events and temporary modes.

In VidaExtra we have proposed to provide you with facilities so you can squeeze them as much as possible a community with which to share goals, interests and fun. And by the way, you don't have to depend on your friends being connected to know that you'll be in a squadron where, in addition to being able to understand you, you can develop a certain complicity.


For this reason, we immersed ourselves in the huge network of servers discord to offer you the seven that we liked the most with an essential point in common: that everyone speaks Spanish. What does not mean that everyone is equal, because we have chosen to offer different themes and take into account the number of participants and members.

Because you might be interested in participating in one with fewer members with whom to build great adventures, successes and friendships.

Subsequently, the seven best records of Fortuna in Spanish. Obtaining Magisterial Victory from here is in your hands.

Official Fortnite Hispanohablante


  • Members: 139,511 members
  • Description: The rest of the communities already have it and we could not be less. The Spanish-speaking community finally has its official Fortnite discord! Don't be afraid to stop and chat and play with other members of the community!

The official Epic server in Spanish I had to direct our selection. With a huge number of members, its main purpose is to build a better and healthier community, but also to provide coverage for islands, news and exceptional meeting points for all modes (including Save the World).

Call for access the server

MrBingo | Spanish Community of Fortnite


  • Community: 19 members (17 emotes)
  • Description: A Fortnite community 100% in Spanish, where you will find the maps of the challenge of each week completely in Spanish

you can MrBingo It is not a very popular community, but it is particularly well organized. It offers timely information on any changes in the game, has intervals and, above all, includes maps with answers to all the challenges.

Call for access the server.

Fortnite Women

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  • Community: 165 members (5 emote)
  • Description: Fortnite Women is a Spanish Fortnite server where you can find new friends and play with them. Only for women

A meeting point with players who want to have fun Fortnite the creation of a community of its own and female. The Server is open even if there are private channels in which, to participate in these, there is a process of verification by the administration of the same.

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Universal tournament | Fortnite


  • Community: 539 members (27 emote)
  • Description: We are a company intent on giving the competition as final as possible for the teams that are looking for their big challenge, we give our winnings to give our tournaments, every time we do them, all the information we will provide from the our Discord servers.

The competitive element gains more and more strength in Fortnite, this being the main objective of Universal Tournament & # 39; s | Fortnite. C is a system of progress and established ranks and the initiative to generate an environment in which to demonstrate our abilities. Of course, there is also space for other activities like music playlists and other extras.

Call for access the server.

Fortnite ESP Instagram


  • Community: 718 members (58 emote)
  • Description: This is a very well equipped Discord server with an excellent community. The server comes from an Instagram account that has 97k followers!

The instagram account server @fortnite_esp_noticias is perfect for staying up to date with news and losses. But also to review the statistics or generate private games with a community well rooted in social networks.

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Community of Fortnite Battle Royale


  • Community: 167 members (39 emote)
  • Description: This server is for people who speak Spanish. And it serves to talk about Fortnite and many things. And it doesn't matter if you don't have Fortnite you can join

That the modest community server Fortnite Battle Royale is in our selection is due to what makes it different: it welcomes all fans of the Epic Battle Royale, including those who do not play, offering memes, daily questions, discussions, fanart and all kinds of activities, as well as a space to share Twitch and YouTube games. A sense of proximity that not all servers can offer.

Call for access the server.

Fortnite Latam Scrims


  • Community: 744 (13 emotes)
  • Description: Welcome, FLS is a community of Fortnite players, we rely on customized games for the enjoyment of our users.

We close our review with a growing community tries to bring together Fortnite players in Latin America, offering a common space to listen to music and discussions without forgetting the essential: inform your members of the news and help them find PvP experiences or jump off the bus in duo or team.

Call for access the serverr.


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